Consultancy & RoadMap

Smartgrid’s consultancy services provides a wide spectrum of power system studies ranging from analysis of a nanosecond time frame phenomenon to forecast several years ahead for a variety of services starting from basic loss calculations to complex network proposition and market mechanism. Various simulation time frames from nanosecond / micro-second, time frame for very-fast-front transients, fast-front transients, millisecond for slow-front transients, ferro-resonance simulation and seconds to minute time frame for transient stability, dynamic stability, sub-synchronous resonance and steady state operation conditions like load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, protection co-ordination, harmonic analysis and voltage stability.

Moreover, Smartgrid highlights new technologies that drive the digitization and automation of the Electric Utilities network. Integration of microgrids and distributed generation, implementation of Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) software, Big data, analytics, and enterprise data management along with Feeder automation models can make bi-directional energy flow to promote sustainability by protecting the environment for future generations. Moving towards a smarter grid improves the performance and reliability of the network, gain better control of the grid and deliver better service and experience to customers.