Voltage Variation Optimization

GPR survey comes under the Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) survey consisting A to D Quality Levels and SUE follows ASCE-38-02 standard. A properly planned and executed SUE investigation provides many benefits to the project owner including fewer project delays and lower overall project costs. Having reliable utility information allows the project designers to make informed decisions resulting in the following potential benefits:

  • 1. Better planning and preparedness for project.
  • 2. Increased speed for project implementation.
  • 3. Reduced damages to unexpected utilities and thus claims from utility owners.
  • 4. Enhanced safety.
  • 5. Helping to prepare the GIS platform for known and unknown utilities that can be shared by various departments.

SUE survey detects the underground electricity cable up to depth of 5 meter through the route walk, chainage marking, Differential Global Positioning Systems Survey, Total Station Survey, basemap creation, GPR Survey, GPR Data Processing, EPL Survey, Background data collection and AutoCAD Drawing Generation.