Non-Technical Losses / Fraud Management

Voltage Variation Optimization

Electric utilities lose large amounts of money each year due to fraud by electricity consumers. Electricity fraud can be defined as a dishonest or illegal use of electricity equipment or service with the intention to avoid billing charge. It is difficult to distinguish between honest and fraudulent customers. Realistically, electric utilities will never be able to eliminate fraud. It is possible, however, to take measures to detect, prevent and reduce fraud, investigations are undertaken by electric utilities to assess the impact of technical losses in generation, transmission and distribution networks. Non-technical losses (NTLs) comprise one of the most important concerns for electricity distribution utilities worldwide for which they are turning knowledge into power by using analytics for better understanding the customer usage, improve service levels, and detect and prevent energy theft.

Smart Grid offers Non-Technical Losses Analytical Solution that leverages our deep industry and NTL expertise, extensive AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics implementation of experience together with our robust approach. Smart Grid’s solution provides an objective, rapid, efficient approach to help customers in realizing their vision by attaining the NTL business benefits. Our Non-Technical Loss (NTL) detection analytics uses a combination of data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) based techniques. Customer will provide labelled data by analyzing the historic billing information and our robust intelligent system will identify the fraud cases with accuracy. With the implementation of Smart Grid’s fraud detection system, the average hit rate for the onsite customers’ inspection for the utilities will be increased.