Smart Street Light

Energy saving and optimization is of utmost priority for every utility company, not only for cost saving but also for environmental issues. One of the most common way of energy waste is through continuous street light illumination. All the roads are not busy in the same way. So if the illumination of the street lights can be controlled as per the movement of human being or car, a huge portion of energy can be saved. So Inovaantage has best solution for your Smart Street lighting based on the LORAWAN network when every evening the smart connected street lighting system would automatically illuminate the streets of your designated area. The central management software would serve as the head end system for giving alerts about the fused lamps making the operations easier. All the street lights would fetch the dimming schedule from the central management software energy saving during the non-peak hours.

The benefits of installing the Smart Connected LED street lights are as follows:

Voltage Variation Optimization

Inovaantage’s Smart Street Lighting system has the features to offer - Dimming Controllers with edge computing intelligence for reliable luminaire control based on real-time local situational information and accurate power consumption measurement for every luminaire. Luminaire controller can monitor the power consumption, temperature, day-light saving time, routine check message to CMS, gateway and etc. LORAWAN is a plug and play network that gives ease of adding motion sensors and other environmental sensors in the same mesh network with reliability even with lost server connection. The mesh network and luminaire control supports embedded intelligence (Edge Computing). The collected data will be passed through GSM Gateway.