Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

Voltage Variation Optimization

Utility sector is eyeing its current customer base to be equipped with smart home system. Home Energy Management System (HEMS) is a part of this initiative. HEMS is a monitoring system for TNB's residential electricity usage and is accessible through customer's PC / Smartphone / Tablet for energy optimization. Its online energy monitoring system enables customers to monitor electricity bill, automate appliances and keep their home safe with security features. A smart meter, smart plug and a dashboard is required for HEMS and Smart Grid provides HEMS along with SG® Smartplug.

Utility companies intend to increase their revenue by making the electricity usage visible to their consumers and making efficiency a catalyst. HEMS will work on its own, cut the unnecessary electricity wastages and enable the energy efficiency perspective. Users can pick and choose what they want to use depending on the control, how they use and when they want to use it.

Voltage Variation Optimization

Smart Grid offers Mesh networking for HEMS and it operates on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). Mesh Networking is compatible with core specification version 4.0 and higher. SG® Smartplug is an Advanced Smart Plug solution for your home users enabling them to control their voltage usage according to their budget. It is easy to see the current usage of each appliance connected to a Smartplug. An easy to understand dashboard for mobile/web will display the below information: