Network Management System (NMS)

Network Management System

DialVaantage Software is an exclusive SG® product designed particularly for utility sector with distinct but integrated modules. It is basically a Network Management System (NMS) that will help you in tracking each part of your network if you have complete authority of these sections so that if any fault happens to any part of the network, it can be identified without depending on any particular section.

NMS is a platform for creating custom applications to suit your needs. It is a HMI (Human Machine Interface) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), and much more! You can create anything you need with little effort and easily change your system any time you want. Our DialVaantage, is designed from the ground up to be approachable and easy to get started with, while it is flexible and capable of scaling up to the largest projects.

Remote Meter Reading (RMR) has been adopted by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for their Large Power Consumers (LPC) through GSM/GPRS communication networks to reduce the human errors, monitor the meter data, reduce the NTL losses efficiently, and notify the events such as loss of power and faults in the meter at the earliest. However, it has been observed that a portion of RMR meters can’t be read remotely. Therefore, a huge loss is incurred by TNB on monthly basis. Implementation of Smart Grid’s customized DialVaantage software helps TNB to detect the faults at remote metering infrastructure or network components without depending on any particular part of the infrastructure chain.

DialVaantage can be completely customized to any needs. A lot of the basic functionality can be shared between modules and stored in the Gateway to make everything as smooth and seamless as possible. Some of these basics are database connections, device connections, Tags, Security profiles, Alarming, and more.