Requirement Management

SmartGrid implemented SG® exclusive initiative management system, ProjectVaantage, as a requirement tracking tool for one of our customers. It tracks the requirements/projects in different stages starting from initiation, validation, development, implementation and closing. ProjectVaantage has the below mentioned features. The below-mentioned features and also the approval workflow are dynamic in nature.

  • Create/Manage Requirements - Create requirements is the starting point of any project in the system. Usually, the main activity of this phase is to Create a requirement in the system to maintain the Preliminary stage of requirements of the project. In this stage user can upload different documents as requirements to the system.
  • Monitoring and tracking of requirements - User can monitor and track all the details of requirements at any time. System auto records all the activities of requirements in detail to track in future.
  • Identification and Validation Process - In identification process, authorized users need to identify the requirements and validate data in the system as per the requirement. In this step user need to verify the stage of the requirement. /li>
  • Planning and Implementation Process - Project Planning need to be done in this stage. This process helps to track the project status as per the plan. During the implementation phase, the project plan is put into motion and the work of the requirements is performed. Authorised user can do the task management as required.
  • Workflow management - ProjectVaantage has multiple stage approver level to maintain the workflow. Requirements can have multiple stages. To approve the requirements and send them in next level, system has a customized approval option as per the user role and rights.
  • Performance Management (Dashboard) - ProjectVaantage system has a multifunctional and customized dashboard for performance management of requirements. Dashboard can be customized as per the user requirement.
  • Reporting - ProjectVaantage provides multiple reports based on requirement’s status and stages. It also provides a good flexibility on report formats and has the ability of a quick access for the required data through customized reports.