One of the most sought after Asian Utility company implemented GIS System named Geographical Mapping System using GE Smallworld for its 6.6kV and 22kV electric network in the past. In GMAP, it has functionalities to edit and visualize the geographic data; and to edit, display, and print the Single Line Diagrams (SLD). Customer wanted to optimize their spending in GIS system and change the platform. The data from the existing GIS system was migrated to ArcGIS / ArcFM based new GIS system. At the same time, the system is available for 24/7 in both web and mobile with high level of security. During migration, the complete geographical data and partial SLDs was moved into new GIS system. Because of this, currently few SLDs are in the older GIS system and few are in the new system.

As data was maintained in two different & isolated systems, hence it was required for the client to have a common system to create and maintain the electrical & gas network data in an integrated environment. A new ArcEngine based application is developed by Smart Grid to create and maintain the SLD data. Legacy data of the older GIS system is also migrated from Smallworld based new system to the new SLD application.

  • A project to create a schematic module is intended to develop a desktop, web and mobile based utility system which includes Electricity and GAS domain functions. This project is intended to migrate the older GIS system (smallworld based system) to ESRI based new GIS system.
  • Migration includes the existing data and functionality
  • Scope of design document is to provide the detailed architecture and functionalities of to-be system. Below are major applications in the to-be system:
    • SLD
    • ArcGIS and ArcFM based custom solution for the new GIS system to edit and maintain the GIS data. Custom components are developed by using the ArcObjects and ArcFM objects.
    • Web Application for the new GIS system

New SLD system completes the custom application altered only for SLD editors to improve the productivity of end users while keeping the same performance parameters, UI and user experience as the old GIS system. It integrates new data model based on ESRI platform providing Holistic view of GIS and SLD data, by showing GIS and SLD data in one application. The new GIS system provides advanced, efficient and Automated way of feature placement along with new security features while keeping same data model as the older GIS system.

The new GIS system is developed on ArcFM system to enhance the existing functionalities. New security features are added to Eliminate any unauthorized access by implementing the windows authentication, better quality support for the data, automated process to create the marking request point, 40+ new/enhanced batch jobs to automate the processes. This system can integrate with more than 6 systems and provide near real time synchronization with GIS system. At the same time, it can auto create/update network cuts in the new GIS system.

The schematic module system is made for anytime & anywhere usability, consolidated view of the new GIS system and SLD, near real time integration with the new GIS system and SLD system, Role based authentication and authorization, Performance oriented application to meet response time of 2-3 seconds, maintaining separate database for Real time data, Tracing Improvements by the Upstream & downstream trace. The data is being synchronized on a daily basis and real time data is made available for the user.