Migration to Arc GIS Pro & Latest version

Smartgrid has successfully migrated ArcGIS 10.0.2 system to ArcGIS Pro and helped customer to leverage the 2D and 3D capability in combination. We can also import your favourite styles and Python scripts depending on your organization structure. We can import maps (.mxd), scenes (.sxd) and globes (.3DD) into ArcGIS Pro projects (.aprx). Depending on your planned workflow, we can import several documents into a single project.

Smartgrid’s Fiber Network Asset Management system helps our client to make the entire networking inventory process automatic. Client can add/edit/delete/search a Rack /Panel; establish a connection between the Panels, source, and destination; add/edit the User information; add/edit/delete the Inventory. This enables the users’ of our client to access the web based application using Laptop while high level security is maintained through the authentication/authorization of the users. The provided data is stored in system’s SQL database.